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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mineral Waters for Mineral Nutrition

Mineral waters are a tasty way to get trace minerals. It takes a lot of water to get your minimum daily requirements, usually about 2 liters (8 cups) of mineral a day, and no brand has all the trace minerals your body needs, but mineral waters support good nutrition. You can even apply mineral waters directly to your skin for nourishment for your pores.

The Myth of Depleted Soils

Chances are that you have seen an advertisement or read a book or article that is really intended as an advertisement with a statement like this:

"It only takes 10 years of intensive agriculture to completely deplete the soil of all its minerals. "

Statements like this beg a question. If there aren't any minerals in the soil, how do crops grow to be harvested? After all, plants need minerals, too.

Our Bodies Tell Us How Much Protein We Need

Here's another excerpt from my book Minimal Medication.

Just about everybody who has access to protein automatically eats the right amount of protein. Just about the only way you can get the wrong amount of protein in the modern world is to pursue an intentionally extreme diet.