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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Since You Asked: Homeopathy for Pancreatic Cancer

Is there any role for homeopathic medicine in the treatment of pancreatic cancer?

Frankly, this is the kind of question that has to be asked of someone who has the credentials and training to prescribe homeopathics and who has spent some time, probabaly several hours, making the right diagnosis. Homeopathy isn't really all about taking little pills that contain very minute amounts of natural substances. It's actually about understanding the medical, psychological, social, sexual, and spiritual life of the patient--and the pill is secondary to the effects on health that are accomplished by self-understanding.

The homeopathy that actually works is tailored to the individual. It isn't something you can get from picking up a bottle pills from off the shelf on the basis of something you read on the Internet. That's just not how the method works.

However, the pills themselves have measurable effects in some studies. They have been useful in treating allergies, anxiety, and pain--and if you experience these while you have pancreatic cancer, then homeopathy may be worth a try.

And some mainstream oncologists are incorporating the Banerji Protocols for homeopathic treatment with surgery, chemotherapy, and other medical methods. It's important to understand that when reference is made to the Banerji Protocols for "purifying" cancer cells, it's really about purifying cells for use in laboratory experiments.

The homeopath who has experience in treating pancreatic cancer is Dr. A.U. Ramakrishnan. You can access his website Dr. Ramakrishnan on Cancer here. I can't make any assessments or guarantees on his availability to help you or the results of treatment, but he has a reputation as a tireless healer.

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